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21st November 19
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Elm 2016-17


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Apr -May



Place Value, Multiplication, Division, Statistics, Multiplication facts

Place value and negative numbers, Fractions, Addition and subtraction, money and measure, Area, Position, Direction, mental and written multiplication.

Multiplication, Shape, position and direction, Place value, written addition and subtraction, 2d and 3d shape, time, grid multiplication.

Multiplication facts, Addition and Subtraction with money, measures and decimals, 2D and 3D Shapes, Fractions, Decimals, Written Division, Counting and Sequences, Position and Area, Measures



Place Value, Statistics, Mental Calculation, Addition and Subtraction within Statistics, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Shape.



Fairy Tales, Classic Narrative Poetry and Newspaper Recounts

 Issues and Dilemmas, Persuasion.

Novel as a Theme, Non-Chronological Reports.

Stories with a theme, Poem with a structure, Information Booklets


Folk Tales, Debate and Poems on a Theme




Animals, Teeth and Digestion


Material properties and changes – states of matter


Living Things and their Habitats


Foundation Subjects

The Great Plague (History)

Name and Locate countries and cities of the United Kingdom (Geography)


Renoir, Cezanne and the Dutch masters. (Art)

Music for an Occasion (Music)


Learning about a region in Europe. (Geography)

Passport Holder/Money container (DT)

European Classical composers. (Music)

European Flags (Art)

Rivers and the Water Cycle (Geography)

Achievements of the earliest civilisations (History)

Different artists and craftspeople (Art)

Healthy Choices – eat well (DT)

Explore the work of different artists and craftspeople (Art)




Data Handling and E-Safety

 Create a presentation on the digestive system. (ICT)

 Recording sound and video (ICT)

Digital Research – Searching Skills

Online Safety


Programming and Online Safety


Physical Education





Striking and Field Games – Cricket


Striking and Field Games – Rounders


Religious Education

Called (how it feels to be chosen by God)

Gift  (Advent)

Community, Giving and receiving.


Giving and receiving/Self-discipline

Pentecost – Serving New Life

Reconciliation – inter-relating: building bridges


Reconciliation – inter-relating: building bridges

Universal Church – world: God’s people

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