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21st November 19
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Oak 2016-17

Ascension Work


Outdoor Learning!


Maths Support



Open the pdf below to access the booster materials.......

Life Education Van


The whole school went out to the car park for a lesson this week - thankfully, they could shelter in the Life Education Van with its teacher Sarah (& Harold the giraffe).

Oak class went in to talk about choices we make each day, about how to be assertive in saying 'no' when being pressured and to learn about the harmful effects of different substances.



This half term we are studying and learning to play Jazz music.

Week One's homework is to find a piece of Jazz you like and tell me all about it either via the homework sheet or by replying in the comment section below.



To help you identify the different instruments and how they sound, watch the short clip below.


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Gospel Music


We are listening to a cover of Britten's ‘A new Years Carol’ – a Gospel version.  This week, see what you can find out about Gospel Music - do you think the cover has all teh features of traditional Gospel music?


Click here for the homework sheet.....or here to email me your work.

This week's homework is all about Gospel Music. Try to find an example of this kind of music and let me know what you think, either by replying to this comment or by writing your response out.
Mr Mussell - November 28, 2016, 12:05 pm

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We are studying Benjamin Britten, a British composer. When he died, he left more than a thousand pieces of extraordinary music that illustrated his journey from being at school to becoming a great composer.

We are listening to ‘A new Years Carol’ – why not see what else he has composed by following this link to a website full of information and music?

Click here for the homework sheet.....or here to email me your work.

Curriculum News



Spring Curriculum


Sources(The bible), Unity (The Eucharist) and Death and New Life (Easter)


Year 6

Place value, sequences and coordinates, 2D shapes, measurement, calculations with fractions, mental and written division. (Spring 1)

Addition and subtraction, measurement, ratio and proportion, 2 and 3D shapes, area, perimeter and volume, statistics, line graphs and pie charts.(Spring 2)

Year 5

Place value (including Roman numerals and negative numbers), addition, subtraction, multiplication, measure, geometry (reflection and translation), geometry (angles).  (Spring 1)

Division, 2 and 3D shape sorting, calculations with fractions, measure and statistics. (Spring 2)


Older literature, hybrid information texts and poetry with imagery. (Spring 1)

Detective/crime fiction, explanations.  (Spring 2)


Exercise, health and the circulatory system. (Spring 1)

Environment and classification  (Spring 2)


Design a healthy menu. (Spring 1)


British history from the 5th century until 1066. (Spring 2)

Art and Design

Portraits using Picasso as inspiration. (Spring 1)


Programming; create a game based on healthy eating. (Spring 1)

Understanding and using search engines, digital research and networking  (Spring 2)


Perform songs based on musicals. (Spring 1)

Instruments and their families, dynamics and duration, timbre, melody, pitch and genre. (Spring 2)

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