St Annes & St Josephs RC Primary

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15th July 19
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The Out of School Club is open to all children attending St. Anne’s & St. Joseph’s but there are a limited number of places available.            

In terms of priority, places will be offered to parents on a first come first serve   basis with the following criteria.

· Siblings of children already attending

· Other children will be accepted in date order of application


Mrs. Christine Sneddon


Contact numbers:

Mrs. Sneddon 07743379961


Aims and Objectives


To provide a centre for children in primary education

To create a happy club, which provides a variety of activities including:

o      Art and Craft

o      Sports

o      Games

o      Quizzes

It also help to encourage

· Self esteem

· Self confidence

· Self awareness

We aim at encouraging children to participate fully in the club and to take responsibility for the equipment, and to come and share with one another


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