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21st November 19
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Meet the Governors

Governor Status Nominated Role

Mrs ATelling 


Foundation Governor

Pupil Premium / Assessment, Attendance / Geography

Mr M Lawrenson 

Vice Chair

Foundation Governor

Health & Safety

Link Governor

Mrs. S. Richmond


Foundation Governor


Mrs S Camm


Foundation Governor



Mrs R Nightingale


Foundation Governor Maths

Mrs K Pickering


Foundation Governor English - Reading

Mr D Mussell




Mrs S Fielding


Local Authority Governor

Online Safety / Computing Prevent

Mr M Towler


Parent Governor

LASGB / Music

Link Governor

Mrs K Lightfoot


Parent Governor


Mrs R Fitzpatrick


Parent Governor

Early Years

Miss S Taylor


Staff Governor


School governors form the largest volunteer group in the country. They are people from all walks of life, who care about children's education and are prepared to work as a team to support their school and local community.
 Governors 'govern' the school and are not responsible for day-to-day management issues. Staff and parent governors are elected, not as delegates, but as individuals to provide a view that is representative of a parent's or member of staff's perspective.


Did you know?
  Alongside the headteacher, the governing body fulfils 3 main roles:


Strategic Role

Setting policy, planning for the future, managing change.

Monitoring and Accountability
Ensuring the school fulfils it's educational and financial targets and has appropriate plans in place to meet  performance objectives.

Praising and celebrating achievement. Challenging and seeking improvement.

Effective governors do not need educational expertise but do need to be committed to their school, willing to ask questions and act as a critical friend. They also need to be able to work as an enthusiastic member of the governing body. The headteacher works closely with the governing body as its principal professional advisor. Governing body policy decisions will then be implemented by the headteacher in the day-to-day running of the school.



There are four governor meetings each term, one of the Full Governing Body and three smaller committees. The three committees are:

  • Resources
  • Curriculum, and
  • School Effectiveness.

The Resources Committee looks at the school's finances, staffing, buildings and health and safety.

Membership: Mr Telling, Mr Lawrenson, Mrs Camm, Mr Towler, Mrs Nightingale, Mrs Fielding & Mr Mussell

The Curriculum Committee considers how we cover the curriculum each year, including relevant policy updates.

Membership:Mrs Telling, M Lawrenson, Mrs Richmond, Miss Taylor, Mrs Pickering, Mrs Fitzpatrick & Mr Mussell

The School Effectiveness Committee, or SEC, meet to analyse data from results across the school.

Membership: Mrs Telling, Mr Lawrenson, Mr Towler, Mr Mussell

All Governors are invited to the Full Governing Body meetings, with the smaller committees being made up of governors chosen for their personal strengths and areas of interest.

To see a full list of the members of the school's Governing Body and attendance information, please follow the links below.