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21st November 19
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Pupil Voice

Chaplaincy Team


As members of the Chaplaincy Team, we help to promote our faith values in all aspects of school life. We actively support and lead aspects relating to the Five Ws which are:

Welcome: We help to make sure everyone feels welcome in our School Family and that people are made welcome when they visit our school.

Worship: We are involved in prayer reflections and daily worship in classes, as well as special faith celebrations like Masses and Class Liturgies.

Word: We listen to and share gospel stories and bible readings so that we can respond to God’s messages and share his word with others. 

Welfare: We try to look after each other and to care for those who need our support in school. We also offer help to people who are struggling  in our community and around the world.
Witness: We take a pride in our school and our faith values and  represent our school in both of our Parishes as well as our local community plus Diocesan and County events.  

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