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Hello and welcome to Oak Class!

We are a Year 6 class who approach learning with a growing maturity and increasing independence.  Being the oldest children in school, we are role models to other, younger pupils and we take that responsibility very seriously!

Throughout the year, we put emphasis on creating lasting memories as we mark the end of our time at SASJ.  This final year comes with certain highs and lows as we prepare for high school and the excitement that this journey brings.  |From our Year 6 residential trip to the leavers assembly, we work hard to make these moments memorable and joyous.

While SATs may be at the forefront of both pupils and parents’ minds, we work together to ensure that the build up to SATs week goes as smoothly as possible.  By the time we actually sit the SATs tests, the children have the mindset it takes to show off what they have learnt throughout KS2.

A Day in the Life of a Year 6 Pupil!

We start our day with prayer and ask God to guide us and support us in being kind, compassionate and hard-working members of SASJ. We continue to worship throughout the day to praise and thank God for food, family and friends and opportunities to show love for one another.

Our mornings are jammed-packed with learning -which you will see when you peruse our busy timetable!  The afternoons are a hive of activity, allowing us to widen our knowledge about RE, science, history, geography, art, music, design technology, MFL, music, PSHE and PE.


Note to parents - As a Year 6 teacher, I am in a very privileged position.  The transition from primary to secondary school can be an anxious time for parents as well as children.  The work-load increases, expectations are higher and the focus on learning is amplified.  Please be assured that I put all my energy into preparing your child for the next steps in their journey.  I nurture them as they become the confident, independent children that you have raised and placed in our care.  I am lucky to work with Mr Warwick who is a remarkable TA.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him and shares the same vision that I do, for your child.

Our door is always open should you require any assistance while your child is in Oak Class.

Mr Windle / Mrs Khan - Class Teacher

Mrs Brookes - Class Teaching Assistant


Here are some websites which may help your home learning:


Friday 18th March 2022

This week Oak Class looked at 'growth of the universe' - fitting in with our space theme topic and as part of British Science week 2022. They wrote an explanation of how science considers the universe to have started growing, how the Sun and rotation of the Earth creates night and day (allowing for 'growth' and life) and finished by designing an alien creature, showing specific adaptations for their choice of planet if life were to grow there or our universe were to grow further. Well done Oak Class.

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