Computing & Online Safety

At St. Anne's & St. Joseph's, we believe that Computing and Online Safety are essential skills for our students to develop in order to thrive in the modern world. Our bespoke curriculum, aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum in England, equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to become active participants in the digital age.

Our comprehensive Computing program focuses on four core areas: Computing Systems and Networks, Creating Media, Programming, and Data Information. Through engaging lessons and hands-on activities, students learn programming, develop problem-solving skills, and explore the ethical and social implications of technology.

In addition, we prioritise Online Safety to ensure our students are responsible digital citizens. We provide guidance on safeguarding their personal information, identifying and responding to online risks, and promoting positive online behavior.

By fostering a love for Computing and equipping our students with the necessary skills, we are preparing them for the future, in a world where technology often leads the way.

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St Anne's and St Joseph's
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For more information, please direct all enquiries to:

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