Indoor Classroom

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Our basic continuous provision means that the resouces are available at all times. We enhance the basic provision throughout the year in relation to the childrens interests and to ensure progression in response to their next steps. 



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Initially groups of children make our play dough weekly. They enjoy choosing different colours and adding scents and sparkles. This is heavily supported by an adult but over time our malleable area progresses to using modelling clay and it also becomes a self service independent dough making station where the children follow the dough recipe to make their own. The malleable area is a popular area where the children enjoy wearing chef costumes and exploring the recipe books to make cakes and count candles and find the correct number candle for a birthday celebration! Children also practice cutting with a knife and fork and using dough scissors to practice their cutting skills. We see so many imaginative creations in this area and the children use the writing facilities around the classroom to label their models and add features/details using craft resources.


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Specifically chosen high quality texts are displayed in an accesible way in this area where children can relax and read or re-tell stories or tell their own stories using the puppet theatre.



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The children enjoy exploring the maths area and embedding knowledge and skills taught from modelling in maths inputs. This area has a focus on games to practice mathematical skills through play. It also has Number Land where there are houses numbered 1-10. The children enjoy practising their reasoning skills to explain why objects around the room belong in different houses and we hear some interesting discussions and debates. For example about how a cow could live in house number 4 because it has four legs and it could also visit house number 2 because it has two eyes but what about house number 1 because the eyes are circles and circles have one side?!


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The children love to use the large paper roll and chalkboard to design their wonderful buildings before concentrating whilst building their masterpiece and reflecting/amending their creation. We encourage the children to use their phonics knowledge to write labels for their buildings using the sticky notes and tool pens. The children become very organised in this area and tidy up time becomes an important task as they learn how to sort and measure the resources so they are back to where they belong in relation to their size and shape.

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