At St Anne’s and St Joseph’s, mathematics is an important part of everyday life.  We aim to help foster a love of learning in all pupils whilst developing the three areas of maths in the National Curriculum – fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

To do this, we ensure that children work in a stimulating environment which helps them develop their skills and have fun whilst doing it.  We use a wide variety of resources to make maths interesting for all of our mathematicians at every age. 

Using & Applying
Building Skills

Arithmetic skills are vital for children in order to develop their problem solving abilities.  Our Calculation Policy is available online and it shows the order in which our children develop these skills and the steps we use to enable them to achieve learning objectives.

At SASJ, we try to make sure that children truly grasp the concepts we are teaching.  We move in stages - beginning with concrete objects to demonstrate what we are teaching.  Then, we move on to pictorial resources and finally, we progress to the abstract.  By this time, the children are clear on why and how their calculations work and therefore, their learning can move on.

Children of all ages learn in this way so Year 6 may be using the same concrete objects to develop concepts as the younger children.  Click here to read an article about the CPA approach.

We use the Lancashire maths plans to ensure coverage and use a range of ICT resources to enrich and support children in their learning – such as

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